A ‘Trumpist’ Trump: “The American Dream” is “A Racket”

By David Walsh, Washington PostWashington — President Donald Trump is not only a racist and a fascist, but he’s also a “Trumpist” who is “the greatest thing that’s ever happened to the United States of America,” according to a speech he gave to an alt-right conference on Monday.

Trump, who has been described as a “racist” by some conservatives and a “fascist” by others, made the remarks in a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland.

In a lengthy speech, Trump claimed the country had reached a “post-racial” moment.

He said: “We’re seeing a lot of change in our country.

We’re seeing people are looking at each other and saying, ‘We’re not just seeing blacks and Hispanics, we’re seeing all races, we’ve got a lot to offer.'”

It’s not just a movement, it’s an ideology. “

Black lives matter.

It’s not just a movement, it’s an ideology.

And we have to understand that it’s not simply an ideology, it is a racist ideology.

It is a fascist ideology.”

Trump said the country needs to “get back to the roots of what made this country great” and “get to grips with the fact that we’re not only here to protect our country, we have an obligation to protect the American Dream.

His speech was an attempt to paint himself as the ultimate “American hero” after the “birther” movement, in which Trump suggested that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

Trump made the comment during a Q&A session at the conference, which has drawn many of his supporters from across the country.

He called the idea of a black president a “bogus concept” and called on the “greatest thing that ever happened” to the country to be “the American Dream.””

We don’t pretend to live in an imaginary world. “

We don’t live in a bubble.

We don’t pretend to live in an imaginary world.

We live in reality.””

The American dream is to live your life with dignity and to give your life to the service of your country.

The American dream means you give your heart to the work, give your soul to the sacrifice, and then come back to your country and be an American.”

It means you work, you do your best, and you leave your mark on the world,” he said.