Biden to unveil speech about 2016 campaign in Wilmington, Delaware


— U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is set to unveil a speech Thursday on the 2016 presidential campaign and the 2016 Republican Party, and the Republican National Committee said in a statement Wednesday it was the first time a sitting president has addressed the party’s congressional delegation.

Biden’s speech will be part of a three-day series of events the president is scheduled to hold across the country, including a speech to a major union hall in Pittsburgh.

The RNC said Biden will deliver a message about the 2016 election and the GOP’s agenda.

Biden, the 2016 Democratic nominee, was not immediately available for comment Wednesday.

“As we continue to work to turn out our next generation of Americans and rebuild the country in the 21st century, we must have a President who can speak directly to our nation’s diverse and growing immigrant and refugee communities, who is committed to the ideals of the American Dream, and who understands the challenges we face,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in the statement.

Biden has been criticized by many Republicans for not doing enough to address the country’s immigration crisis and his handling of the deadly standoff between law enforcement officers and demonstrators in San Bernardino, California, where a man opened fire on a holiday concert on Dec. 2, 2015, killing 14 people and injuring 21 others.

The speech will address the need for “a President who will make clear that the American people are ready to work together again in this moment, that the path forward for the next generation is a path forward that is not one of division, but one of hope,” Priebus said.

“I am honored that he will share his vision for America today.”

Biden will also address the state of the economy, the role of government in providing jobs, and how he would address climate change, the RNC said.

A statement from the White House did not say if Biden would speak at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July, but it was not clear what form the speech would take.

The White House also did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

On Wednesday, the GOP said Biden would not attend its convention in Philadelphia because he is scheduled in the Northeast to speak at a rally in the city on Friday, May 5.

Biden is scheduled for the rally in Philadelphia at noon local time, and it is the first presidential event of the campaign for the vice president.

The rally will be held at the UMass Memorial Hall in Boston.

In January, Biden announced that he would not run for president.

On Monday, he endorsed a Democratic candidate for the Senate seat he won in 2016.

That candidate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, has been widely criticized by Republicans for her support for a $15 minimum wage and her criticism of Trump’s business acumen.

Biden said he would be more than willing to campaign with her.

“If she wants to get in there, I’d love to do it,” he said on MSNBC on Tuesday.

“But at the same time, I’ve got my own things to do that are important to me, so I’d rather do things with Elizabeth Warren, which are important things to me.”

Biden’s first speech since winning the White State Senate seat is scheduled on Friday in Wilmington.

Biden will attend the Delaware Democratic Party’s annual convention, which takes place May 11 in Wilmington and May 14 in Newark, Delaware.

The vice president’s speech is expected to focus on his administration’s efforts to build the economy and create jobs.

“The President has the chance to lead the country forward and restore hope, while also taking on the most difficult challenges that face us,” Priebus added.

Biden did not have an official title when he announced he would run for President.

The Republican Party said in January that Biden would “be more than ready” to speak in Philadelphia and other cities across the U..

S., including New York and Washington, D.C. Priebus added in his statement that Biden was “the right man for the job.”

Biden has said he is “ready to deliver a speech” about the campaign in the event of a 2020 run, though the RNC did not provide a date for Biden’s remarks.