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A recent AMA thread with a link to a quote attributed to the former president of the United States has stirred up a few lively discussion threads.

In the quote, President Clinton is quoted as saying, “It’s a very, very good thing that the world is not on the edge of a cliff.”

It was posted on November 18, 2015, just days after the U.S. and Russia entered into an agreement over a cease-fire in Syria.

The comment came after the United Nations announced it was going to extend the ceasefire for two more months.

But the sentiment was never shared by the U,S.

government or any of its agencies.

That was until now.

According to a report by the Associated Press, President Bill Clinton was paid $4.5 million by a private healthcare company in 2014 to give speeches for the company.

The company, CGI Group, is one of a handful of entities that help administer the U and U.N. peacekeeping operations in the former Yugoslavia.

CGI, however, is not part of the U-S.

Government and is not subject to the Department of Defense’s guidelines that dictate that private companies be compensated for providing services to U.s. troops in war zones.

“A speech is a speech, and I think it is important that the American people know what is being paid for,” said Andrew Pyle, President of CGI.

“Bill Clinton’s speech to CGI was not paid for by the Department or the U,” said a statement from the company that responded to the AP.

“The speech was paid for and approved by CGI.

The President’s speech did not receive a fee, but was supported by contributions and funds provided by CGI and other organizations.

CGI has never sought to influence or influence CGI or its directors or officers, nor did CGI ever seek or receive a payment for its support for the President’s remarks.”

In a statement to the Associated Statesman, a spokesman for CGI said that “CGI is not a government contractor and CGI does not have any direct ties to the U of S.”

The spokesman also said that CGI is an independent nonprofit that does not receive any government funding and is independent of any government entity.

However, the spokesman also cited an April 9, 2017, memo from the White House that indicated that CGI “has no ties to or any responsibility for the delivery of services to the President.”

The AP reached out to CGI for comment and will update this article if we receive a response.