British Prime Minister to unveil speech services for Queen Elizabeth II

The UK government will unveil new speech services to mark Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday.

The speech services will allow the monarch to “speak directly to audiences across the country”.

The royal family will have access to the new service by the end of April, according to a government statement.

The government has been asked to give the speech services free of charge to parliamentarians, public bodies, charities and organisations. 

In the new services, the monarch will be able to “address audiences across a wide range of topics including the state of the economy, climate change, and the environment, and will also use his personal speech to discuss issues of public concern, including national security and security threats.” 

The speech services are being developed in conjunction with the Royal Society of Edinburgh, which has funded research to determine how best to use speech to promote public debate and policy.

The Royal Society will also be the exclusive provider of the speech service for the Queen’s speech. 

The Queen will receive the speech by video link in her state room at Buckingham Palace.

The service will be delivered live, and can be viewed on the BBC’s online video service, the BBC News website, or on the UK’s official video service. 

“I am pleased to be able, alongside my royal family and the rest of the British people, to be sharing my views on our common future with them,” the Queen said in a statement.

“It is the first time that this will be done and it is my sincere hope that the service will help unite our people in a common endeavour for a better Britain.” 

Elizabeth is also set to be interviewed by an “extraordinary panel of experts” to discuss “national security and threats to our shared values”, the government statement said. 

On Tuesday, a senior official at the Foreign Office said the government was “optimistic” that the speech will be available for use by parliamentarians.

“This is the third speech delivered by the monarch and the fourth in succession,” the official said.

In addition to the speech, the government is also planning a public lecture by the Queen to mark the Queen and Prince Philip’s 90 years of marriage and the Queen will give a “live” speech in London on March 2. 

Elizabeth’s speech will mark the first royal speech in a modern era and will be broadcast live on the government’s official website, which will also offer access to a live video feed of the event.