Google: ‘Google Speech API’ is a ‘threat to civil liberties and to democracy’

Google has created a speech API that enables Google to deliver Google speech to individuals using the web’s default search engine, but it’s also a threat to civil rights and democracy, the company’s CEO said Monday.

“The API has been a threat for years to speech that I think is important and has value to people and should be protected,” Larry Page said in an interview with the Washington Post.

“I think that’s a good thing, that’s why I’m doing this.”

Google recently unveiled its speech platform, called Google Speech, in response to concerns that the company was creating a speech service that is too easy for terrorists and spies to use.

It allows people to upload their own speech and make it available for others to listen to, but is not yet compatible with YouTube or Facebook.

Google’s speech platform was a controversial topic in 2016 when President Donald Trump used the platform to talk about his plans to ban all Muslim immigration to the United States.

In March 2018, Google unveiled its “speech code” for the web, which allows users to customize how their speech is delivered to Google and to other companies that provide services that support the service.

But in an April 2018 blog post , Page reiterated his position that the API was not a threat.

“We believe that the Speech API is a service that should be free of restrictions on its usage,” Page wrote.

“We are not using it to censor speech; we are using it because it’s the right thing to do.”

“Google has never asked us to give our speech up,” Page continued.

It’s also one that we’ve never explicitly stated, but we have taken it very seriously. “

This is an important principle.

It’s also one that we’ve never explicitly stated, but we have taken it very seriously.

And I think that we are doing everything we can to be as transparent as we can about this.”

Earlier this year, Facebook announced a new initiative that would allow people to share their own speeches and use them to build the platform of their choice.

The platform is called Speech, but has been criticized for having a “selective” algorithm that restricts speech that does not agree with the social network’s values.