How Biden’s speech was received in the Senate

A number of senators praised the president’s speech, which came during his Senate confirmation hearings to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, who had been one of the harshest critics of the VA scandal, praised Biden’s address.

“He’s doing what I thought he was going to do, to heal the wounds and heal the divisions,” Collins said.

Collins added that the VA is not the same entity that it was before the scandal erupted.

The VA, she said, is no longer an entity that is held to the same standards.

Biden’s Senate address was delivered in the form of a lengthy speech and his remarks often were peppered with references to veterans and veterans’ families.

In the speech, Biden praised his work to “protect veterans, to give veterans the support they need and to help our veterans find their path back into civilian life.”

The speech also touched on the VA’s progress and the importance of veterans returning to work and the need for veterans to work at home and in schools.

The president also addressed a variety of other issues, including the opioid crisis, the economic recovery of the country, veterans, veterans’ mental health and mental health issues and veterans suicides.

Some of his remarks were aimed at his critics who had questioned his commitment to veterans’ issues, but Biden’s main message was that his administration will work to make the VA and veterans better.

Collins said Biden is making a positive difference for the veterans who have given their lives in service of the nation.

“Biden is the only one who has shown the courage and the determination to take on the hard problems facing the VA,” Collins added.

“His leadership is what’s keeping the VA from being in such a precarious position.”

In addition to his address to the Senate, Biden also took questions from the public and was joined by members of the military and veterans.

Biden will continue his Senate schedule Monday.

He will also hold an event in the White House Rose Garden with President Trump.