How Donald Trump’s Speech on the National Mall Changed His Political Views

Donald Trump is still not known to be a fan of the Easter egg hunt.

And yet, it was his latest speech on the Mall, in which he railed against the Easter eggs, that changed his worldview on the holiday, as he explained his reasoning behind the tradition in an interview with Fox News.

“If you look at the history of Easter, it’s been a very divisive thing,” Trump told Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

“The fact that it’s become a big business and a big political thing, I think it’s a very sad thing.”

Trump first started celebrating Easter in the early 1800s, when he began selling Easter baskets at the New York City fairgrounds.

But he also enjoyed eating a turkey leg, and he even started a tradition that has remained in his honor for over 60 years.

“The first time I was ever really invited to the Easter Egg Hunt was by my dad and his wife,” Trump said.

“And I was very young, so I didn’t know what Easter was all about.”

But the tradition didn’t go on forever, and in 1915, President Theodore Roosevelt banned the Easter-themed celebration, arguing that it was “unsavory” to children.

The president also declared the event “unpopular with the American people,” and he prohibited Americans from buying Easter eggs.

“They were very cheap and they were very easy to get,” Trump continued.

“People would come to our houses and they’d go to the grocery store and they would buy them.”

Trump’s speech in the interview also brought up Easter’s history as a source of conflict with religious groups, who often see the holiday as a means to enforce their views on gender equality.

“Easter is a holiday of exclusion,” Trump insisted.

“It is a very, very religious holiday.”

As for Easter’s current relevance to the modern-day presidential race, Trump argued that it is no longer a holiday for him, as the nation is more divided than ever.

“I mean, I’ve gotten more calls on the phone than any other day,” he said.

Trump also said he was not concerned about how the Easter holiday might affect him.

“People think I have a problem with it, because I have no problem with the Easter tradition,” Trump claimed.

“But the fact is, if you go to all the other things, I don’t care.

I have the Easter and the turkey legs and I have nothing else.

You can’t tell me the Easter is no good.”

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