How the Republican Governors’ Debate went down: Here are the highlights

On the third day of the first-in-the-nation presidential debate, the candidates were able to lay out their positions in a succinct and polished fashion.

The debate was hosted by NBC and the two major networks.

While it wasn’t the highest-rated debate of the year, it still was a very successful debate for the candidates. 

It was the first time in nearly 20 years that the two candidates had met face-to-face and not been forced to watch each other.

It also marked the first presidential debate to be televised by a cable network.

Here are the most notable moments from the event:The debate took place on Thursday, Oct. 12.

It was a three-hour event with a 15-minute break.

It was a day of a lot of talking and it was a great day for debate watchers.

They were able get to the substance of the issues and get to know the candidates better.

They got to see the personalities, they got to hear from the candidates, and it gave them a chance to learn a lot about each other and their respective styles.

They had a good time, and I think it helped the candidates learn a bit about each others personalities.

They were also able to get a little more information about each candidates background, their family history and the things they had to overcome as they got older. 

There was also a lot that went into their background, the things that they’ve done and their family life, and the issues that they’re facing. 

They were able also to get to a lot more into what the candidates are really about and how they see the world, and their perspective. 

The debate had a lot to do with their personal lives, the issues, and personal lives of each candidate. 

Donald Trump was a little bit more focused on his personal life, he was a bit more comfortable in his own skin.

He was also really good with people.

I think he’s very smart.

He knows how to get into the minds of people, and he’s able to connect with them.

He’s able, in a way, to tap into that person, and to bring them into his own personal world, so he was very effective in that regard. 

Ted Cruz, on the other hand, was not able to find that perfect balance between the personal and the political. 

His personal life was a big part of it, but it wasn, as far as what he was going to do as president, it was very focused on that.

He had a little of both in terms of how he would handle foreign policy and national security.

He would have a tough time getting a lot done with that. 

Marco Rubio was a lot closer to Ted Cruz than to Donald Trump.

He understood what he wanted to do in terms the foreign policy, but he wasn’t able to fully put that into his personality, and so that’s why he was not so good. 

Chris Christie was a good communicator, but not as good as he needs to be to get the most out of the debate.

He got into a little rut on foreign policy. 

Rick Perry, he got into the right headspace, but there wasn’t a lot going on in terms to his own foreign policy positions.

He didn’t have a lot there.

He kind of lost it. 

Scott Walker was very good at drawing the contrast between himself and Ted Cruz.

He did have a little problem with his foreign policy rhetoric.

He wasn’t as sharp as Ted Cruz was, but that was because he didn’t really have a whole lot of things going on. 

Rand Paul was able to do what he did best, which was to be very direct, very direct.

He said what he thought.

He talked about his personal experiences, but his speeches weren’t as dramatic as Ted’s. 

In terms of the candidates being able to make a statement, I think they were able.

They have a very strong message that resonated with the American people. 

I think that was the best of both worlds, where you have two very well-rounded, very strong, intelligent, charismatic candidates, both on the Republican side, who both spoke eloquently, and both had a message that was resonating with the voters. 

This debate, though, was a pretty great opportunity for both the candidates to shine.

It brought them closer together, it brought them to a place where they could talk more directly, and also it allowed them to get together and have some of the best conversations in recent memory.