How to Get a Speech Pathologist to Your House

Good speech pathologists can detect speech and language impairment in a child or adult at any age.

They are a good choice for anyone who wants to prevent speech and communication impairment for their child or loved one, or who wants the chance to help their loved one overcome speech and hearing problems.

The Speech Pathology Network (SPN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing training and education to assist with speech and speech pathologist recruitment.

SPN also offers training and certification programs for speech pathology professionals.

Learn more about SPN’s Speech Pathologists Training Program here.

SPNs speech pathologic training program focuses on the use of clinical and statistical data to improve speech pathological assessment and diagnosis.

Learn about SPNs current training program here.

SpN provides speech pathologists with training in speech pathology, speech evaluation, speech pathology laboratory, speech pathologies, and diagnostic testing.

This training program has helped thousands of professionals gain a better understanding of speech pathology.

Learn how to apply SPNs Speech Pathologists Training Program.

SPRN has partnered with the Center for Speech and Language Pathology at Duke University to provide training in the Speech Pathological Diagnostic Testing (SPDT) and the Speech Diagnostic Interview (SPI).

The SPDT is a test that assesses a child’s speech and other communication skills.

The SPI is a clinical assessment that assess a child and/or adult’s speech-language pathology.

The SPDN has partnered up with the SPDT to provide SPRN Speech Pathologic Training Program and SPRN SPDT Certification Training.

Learn what SPRN is teaching you about SPDT and SPI here.