How to make Trump’s speech even better

The Donald has a new speech.

Here are some of his best moments, and how to make it even better.


Don’t get cockyTrump’s speech is the culmination of his campaign to be the most unpopular president in American history.

It’s a huge win for Democrats and liberals who were hoping for a coronation.

His speech will be remembered as one of the most devastating blows of his presidency, and the greatest gift for Democrats in 2018.


Don “pivot” to the centerThe speech will feature a series of Trump talking points on foreign policy, national security, and domestic issues, aimed at bringing the Republican Party closer to the middle.

Trump’s advisers say they have a “pivoting strategy” for his speech.


Be more of a populistThe speech has been billed as a Trump populist speech, which is to say, a speech focused on issues like trade, immigration, and trade deals.

But it will be Trump’s first speech to the nation that does not specifically call for a renegotiation of NAFTA or other international agreements.


Be about Trump and his teamTrump is the first major U.S. president to speak in person since George H.W. Bush in 1988.

The speech will include a large number of familiar Trump talking Points, which will be followed by an in-depth look at Trump’s team.

The speeches will also highlight Trump’s plans to roll back the Affordable Care Act, and a host of policy initiatives.


Don a more inclusive, more hopeful speechTrump’s most popular lines will be his optimistic, “We will never stop fighting” message.

Trump has previously been known for saying he wants to be president who is “more hopeful.”

Trump will also have a big-picture vision for the country, which includes rebuilding the country and making it “great again.”


Use Trump’s bully pulpitTrump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” has become a mantra of the GOP, with Republicans in Congress using the phrase frequently.

But Trump’s campaign speech is not a direct response to his slogan.

Instead, it’s a way to highlight Trump as a presidential figure who can be a strong leader.


Let the voters decide the speechDonald Trump has made no secret that he’s not running for re-election.

He has made it clear he’s only interested in being president, and that he will not run for reelection in 2020.

Trump will use his speech to make sure that his supporters are not confused about the role they’re playing in the presidential election.


Embrace Trump’s populismTrump will address issues of trade and immigration, as well as how he will make America great again.

The president will highlight the fact that his populist rhetoric has helped win over voters, but he will also discuss how he’s also a strong supporter of the American people and the working class.


Have a sense of the stakesThe speech is expected to include a wide array of policies, from trade to climate change.

But, of course, Trump will be discussing issues of domestic and foreign policy.

Trump is also expected to offer some of the same policies he laid out on the campaign trail.

The hope is that the speech will also give Democrats a way of winning back the White House and bringing Trump down to earth in the process.


Make the speech more substantiveTrump will talk about the problems that the country is facing and the need to address them.

He’ll also make a few other substantive policy points, such as his plan to end trade deals with China and Mexico, which he’s been calling a “disaster.”


Be authentic Trump’s rhetoric and campaign slogan are not intended to be taken seriously.

Trump wants the country to believe that he has the power to change things.

But the speech is more of an extension of Trump’s persona than a serious reflection of his political vision.


Focus on Trump’s supportersThe speech’s theme of “Make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” is a common theme in Trump’s speeches, and it’s not going to change for the president.

Trump and advisers say the speech’s focus on the working-class and the Trump people will resonate with those voters.

But what Trump is really hoping for is for the people of the United States to give him a chance.


Emphasize the issues that matterTrump is going to focus on a number of issues, including trade, national defense, and foreign affairs.

He will also talk about how the country can work together to protect our values and the economy.


Don the most populist and inclusive speechThe speech does not necessarily have to be a direct rebuke to Trump’s populist campaign.

But aides say that Trump will likely try to be more populist than he was in the campaign.

And they believe Trump will talk more about the need for the United Nations to take stronger action on climate change and the economic crisis in the U.K. 15