How to respond to Trump’s concession address

The NHL is suspending its annual All-Star Game broadcast after President Donald Trump’s speech at the Super Bowl.

The league said in a statement Tuesday that it will suspend the All-Stars game on Jan. 6 for two games, the first time the league has taken such action in over a decade.

“The NHL has suspended the All Star Game for two weeks, effective immediately, to ensure the integrity of the event and the players’ participation in the festivities,” the league said.

“We are continuing to review the situation and will provide additional details as appropriate.”

The league had already been considering a three-game suspension in 2016, but ultimately opted to suspend the games for the entire All-star game in 2019.

The announcement comes amid ongoing tensions between Trump and league owners.

Trump has said he plans to take away the team owners’ ability to take out players for political purposes, and his administration has taken steps to restrict free speech in the sport.