How to win a speech therapy job

Speech therapy is a popular career for speech therapists.

They get paid a decent wage and are able to speak about their profession without fear of being accused of racism.

But according to the Speech Therapists Association of Australia (STAA), speech therapists are not the ideal profession for people who have a speech disability.

“Many speech therapists do not consider the speech pathology they provide to be a disability, as they are able and willing to work in the profession without any impairment whatsoever,” the STAA said in a statement.

“It’s important for speech therapy practitioners to understand the issues surrounding the use of speech therapy to ensure their clients are not discriminated against.”

To address this, the STPAA said it would conduct a survey to determine whether speech therapy was still a “safe” career option for people with speech pathology.

To receive the survey, you will need to fill out a survey, email your answers to this survey, and send the completed survey to STAA.

A response will be sent within two business days.

The survey will take between two and four weeks to complete.

To be included in the survey you must be an accredited speech therapy professional in Australia.

The STAA has received feedback from more than 500 participants.

“There are many speech therapy professionals who do not feel comfortable discussing their personal experiences in front of an audience, or have experienced personal trauma,” the organisation said.

“This survey will provide the opportunity for us to provide a much-needed voice to the speech therapy community.”

If you’re interested in becoming a speech therapist, you can find out more at the STPAA website.

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