How to win Winston Churchill’s speech tonight on Twitter

Posted September 28, 2018 09:08:16Winston Churchill’s son Winston Churchill will speak tonight about his father’s legacy and what he would do if he were to be president, according to a source with knowledge of the event.

It is a significant event for Churchill and he is not expected to be on stage but the event will be streamed live on Twitter.

The speech is expected to focus on the role of the media and the role that it plays in the world, with Churchill arguing that a free and independent press is vital to the democratic process.

The event will begin at 7:30pm ET on the US Department of State’s Twitter account and will be moderated by Jack Biddle, a senior vice president at the company.

Biddle will be joined by other people who have been involved in the media business, including former CNN news director Nick Merrill, a CNN correspondent who was the first to break the news of the death of the British journalist Andy Coulson.CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN International will also be participating.

The President is expected not to appear in person, but will have the appearance of a host on Twitter, where he will be asked questions and will answer them with the same level of seriousness that he has when addressing his Cabinet.

This will be a high-profile event, with CNN and Fox News already making headlines with their tweets about the President’s plans for the weekend.

This is the first time that the President has spoken on Twitter in the 21st century.

The tweets were made in response to an interview in which he was asked about his response to the terrorist attack in London and the aftermath of the Paris attacks.

“I said that it was very important that we were able to get the people that committed the terrorist attacks out of our country, and we will be doing that,” he said at the time.

The following day, he said, “We are going to be working hard to get rid of the terrorists.”

The President said he would “make sure that we don’t get them back in the country.”

The tweet in question was made on September 15, just two days after the attack on the London Bridge and just days before President Trump’s inauguration.

President Trump tweeted the following day that “We will make sure that the world knows what our President was thinking at that moment.”

He added that he wanted to thank British Prime Minister Theresa May, who he described as a “great leader.”

On September 21, he added, “When the President called me yesterday, I said, ‘Well, what do you think?’

He said, I think we’re gonna have a great week.

He was a wonderful leader.

I was really impressed by him.”

The White House has not confirmed any of the details of the Presidents tweets, but has said that he is expected, if he is elected, to be an active participant in the presidency.