‘I love my kids’: ‘I loved my kids’ — Ivanka Trump says of her children

In her first interview since being named First Daughter, Ivanka Trump opened up about her life with her husband Jared Kushner, her upbringing in New York City, and her growing relationship with her children, including her oldest son, Barron, who she says she is proud of.

“I am proud of my children,” Ivanka Trump said.

“I love them so much.

They are beautiful, they are so smart and so good at everything they do.”

“They have done so much for my business, my family, my children and me,” she added.

“And I have a great feeling of responsibility for them.”

Ivanka Trump said her life has changed significantly as she has become a mom and has become more aware of how she spends her time.

“As you get older, you realize how much you spend, and you’re able to take that time to just do things with your family and your friends,” Ivanka said.

She continued: “And, honestly, my life is so much easier now than it was.

Because now I don’t have to be constantly focused on everything.”

Ivanka, her husband and their three children were in New Jersey for the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday and attended the funeral of former President Jimmy Carter.

Ivanka and Jared, as well as daughter Ivanka, attended the service.

“I’m so blessed to be in the presence of all my friends and family, and I feel so honored that they have made this a big day for me,” Ivanka told reporters during the service, according to the AP.

Ivankas son, 3-year-old Barron, is an avid reader and has been reading a book called “Daddy” by his dad.

Ivanka also spoke about her new relationship with Kushner.

“Jared and I have become very close friends,” she said.

Ivanky said she has known Jared for two years, but did not say what it was about.

Jared is married to Ivanka’s daughter Ivanka’s sister and has a son named Levi.

Ivory said she had been asked to be a surrogate for Ivanka’s children at her wedding, but declined.

While the White and First Ladies have been at odds on many issues, Ivanka has said she supports President Donald Trump’s agenda.

Last month, the President announced the appointment of Kushner as an adviser to the National Security Council.

Kushner previously served as a White House counsel to President George W. Bush and served as an advisor to President Barack Obama.

Ivaska’s comments came as the president continued to battle health issues.

Trump had a blood clot removed in September, and it is unclear when the clot will be removed.