Mike Mikes speech to Arizona Cardinals players: ‘They’re a good team’

Mike Mike delivered his speech to the Arizona Cardinals at the team’s facility on Thursday.

Mikes address to the Cardinals was largely a speech about the future of the franchise.

He talked about the franchise moving forward, and said they’re a great team, and that they have to take advantage of that.

Mike also talked about being the team owner and what his role is, and what he’s going to do with his time.

He said he’s working on a deal to move the franchise to Los Angeles.

The Cardinals have not announced a plan to move to Los Angles, and Mikes words were vague.

He did say that he would like to be involved in any decision that comes up.

“It would be great,” Mikes said, “but we’ll see.

You know I’m a businessman, I’m an entrepreneur, I want to be part of the decision-making process, so I’m excited about that.”

Mikes said that he’s looking forward to being back in Phoenix.

“Phoenix is my home,” he said.

“This is where I’ve been for the last five years.

I’ve loved living here.

The people are very welcoming.

I just want to enjoy being around the fans and the fans will be very, very supportive.”

Mills comments were just the latest of the comments made by Mikes during his visit to the facility.

Mikes had an open-door policy, allowing fans to attend and see him, and he said he was happy with the visit.

He even had a picture taken with fans, and told them he was excited to meet them.

After Mikes address, there was a fan Q&A with Mikes, with Mics comments and the answers from fans being edited out.

After the meeting, Mikes was in a meeting with the media.

He was asked about his remarks about the Arizona franchise and how he thinks the team should move forward, to which he responded by saying, “They’re the same team that won a Super Bowl.”

Mics answer came after he answered a question from the media about his relationship with Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians.

“We’re going to have to work together.

You have to be in a room together, you have to have a conversation,” Mics response was.