President Trump will have ‘speech therapy’ for speech disorder

President Donald Trump will undergo speech therapy for a speech disorder, the White House announced Tuesday, calling the treatment “highly effective” and “an important first step.”

Trump has said that his speech is “all over the place,” and that he’s “really struggling with it.”

He’s also criticized himself for not being able to communicate effectively in the past, including during his campaign.

Trump is scheduled to have a speech in a private setting Tuesday, and his family will accompany him on the trip, his transition team said.

Trump’s speech will be delivered from the White, House Oval Office.

The White House said it will also send “a few” special advisers to the trip to help the president with his speech therapy, though the president is not expected to participate.

The aides will include:Advisers to the White house.

White House staff.

Secretaries of the military.

Chief of Staff John Kelly.

The White House press office, according to the statement.

The Trump transition team also announced that Kelly will meet with Trump during the trip.

Kelly’s aides did not specify what their conversations would entail.

The speech therapy will begin on the White’s couch and will continue throughout the trip for three days, according the White Senate.

The therapy will include a “conversation with a professional speech therapist who has been highly successful in treating speech disorders and other speech disorders,” the statement said.

The trip will be the first time that the White Houses Speech Pathology Institute has been used, and will be conducted “in an effort to address President Trump’s serious health concerns, and to facilitate a respectful, private and responsible meeting with the President,” according to a White House statement.