Speech ideas that can make a difference

When it comes to making an impact on the world, you’re not only going to need the right speech.

It’s not just a matter of having the right words.

It can be the right way to say them.

Here are some examples of how we can use speech to inspire and change the world.


Inspire a friend by sharing your passion for life and sharing your story.

The more stories you tell, the more people will listen to your story, and they’ll become interested in your ideas.


Use your story to inspire others.

This one’s easy.

When you share a story, you make your story accessible to others, whether they are interested in it or not.


Inspirational video.

Make a video that will give your ideas some gravitas and inspire others to go out and try them.


Get people talking.

Tell your story in a way that they will want to share with their friends, family, or colleagues.


Help them connect with you.

Show them that you care about them and that you will help them in their journey.


Be an inspiration.

Show your support by sharing photos of yourself and your work with your friends and family.


Empower others.

Use the power of your words to inspire your friends, your family, and your colleagues.


Help your audience connect.

Share your story with others and encourage them to share it with their loved ones.


Make others think.

Show how your ideas will change the way they think about life and the world around them.


Engage with the people around you.

Make them feel like you care and are listening.


Help people get involved.

Helping others connect with your story can have a big impact on their life and their relationship with you, your work, and the community you are part of. 12.

Make your story known.

Share it in a public space, such as a magazine or a newspaper, and invite people to read it and share their own stories.


Build trust.

Build a relationship with your audience by showing them how to use your story and make them feel comfortable sharing it. 14.

Connect with others.

Show other people how to relate to your ideas by asking them to relate with you too.


Inspiring others.

Inspiration can be a great way to create lasting connections between people and inspire them to continue learning and making meaningful changes in their lives.


Share a story with people in your community.

This is a great opportunity to share your story or share a lesson that you have learned through your work.


Share ideas.

Share or make your ideas public for everyone to read and share.

This can be as simple as sharing a story or a lesson, or as complex as a story that shows you’re passionate about a topic.


Get them excited.

If you have something important to share, show them that by sharing it, they can help make it happen.


Help others.

When it’s time to leave the audience and share something meaningful to them, share it now.


Make an impact.

When your story inspires others to get involved in the world of business, you are making a real difference.


Show others that you’re a voice in the community.

You’re an ambassador for your community, and it’s great to show others what you can do. 22.

Inspired by your success?

You can share a video or a podcast that shows how you can help others succeed as well.


Show the world you care.

When people share their stories and their stories inspire others, it can make the world a better place.


Help those in need.

When they reach out to you to help, show their own story, or your own story to make them know that they’re not alone and that they can count on you to find their way.


Inspires your community to do the same.

When others see that they too are in need, they’ll want to help.


Create a legacy.

You can make it possible for others to do what you’ve done.

Make it possible to share that you were there for them and to make that your legacy.


Build community.

Your impact can make your community stronger and more welcoming to others.


Make someone proud.

When other people share your impact, you can make them proud of themselves.


Inspirit your audience.

Your audience is a powerful force in the universe.

Help inspire them by sharing stories, lessons, and lessons from your life, and help them learn from your example.



Show that you are living up to your name, your story is a story of hope, and you can inspire people to live up to their dreams.


Show support.

If someone needs something from you, show your support.


Show someone how to be happy.

Show people how you want them to