The best of the best in pixel speech bubbles

Hacker News users love their pixel speech, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Here are some of the more notable things that come with the software.1.

The Pixel and Pixel XL Pixel’s Pixel Speech bubble makes it a little easier to read and write on a screen.2.

The ability to play back audio from the speaker.3.

An ability to adjust the volume of your Pixel speech bubbles.4.

A full-color, pixel-art rendition of Google Assistant.5.

An image of Google CEO Sundar Pichai that will be displayed at the end of every Pixel speech bubble.6.

A 3D version of the Pixel and the Pixel XL’s voice bubbles.7.

Pixel’s built-in camera app that lets you capture and upload a photo with a swipe of the screen.8.

A Google Assistant-specific voice-activated interface for voice commands, commands, and search queries.9.

A “taste” button that you can use to taste Google Assistant’s creations.10.

A custom-made Google Play Music app that’s designed to fit your Pixel’s home screen.11.

A way to “read” the content of a notification without having to click on the app icon.12.

A special feature in the Google Assistant app that enables you to quickly switch between speech bubbles or your Google Assistant search results.13.

A new voice-controlled “read more” button for the Pixel.14.

A revamped home screen with a new “more” button.15.

A redesigned Google search interface.16.

A larger home screen that lets users access Google Assistant while browsing the web.17.

A smaller home screen featuring more content.18.

A more polished and visually appealing Pixel Home button.19.

An all-new way to use the new Pixel Home Button.20.

A brand-new interface for the “more than one” Google Assistant voice search functionality.21.

A feature that lets the Pixel Voice Assistant search the web in the background.22.

An expanded set of Google apps that make it easier to get the most out of Google Home.23.

A notification system that lets people see when new notifications arrive.24.

A personalized and easy-to-use “OK Google” voice command that lets your Google assistant answer questions in a way you’ve never heard before.25.

A simple “pause” button to stop and resume a speech bubble, and a new Google Assistant feature that automatically plays the next Google search result.26.

A search widget that lets a user search for keywords in their Google search results or their contacts list.27.

A list of the latest Pixel and Google Pixel XL phones that comes with a special Pixel home button that lets them know which phone they’ve selected when they open the Google Home app.28.

A personalized Pixel Home “OK search” button in the search bar, and new Google Voice Assistant features that let you call up your contacts and add them to a voice search.29.

A quick and easy way to change the font size of the home screen, and an option to change how you use the Google search bar and search results to get more information from your phone.30.

A small, but handy, “resume” button at the bottom of the app.31.

A much improved “read next” button, and the ability to quickly rewind or reorder Google Assistant questions.32.

A cleaner look at the Pixel Home screen, featuring a redesigned home button and a revamped search bar.33.

A set of quick-and-easy ways to save and access your contacts, and access a Google Voice assistant to make a call.34.

An option to quickly search for a list of Google search queries that’s customized for you.35.

A few new features and improvements to the Google Play Store.36.

The Google Assistant can now read text messages and calls from other people.37.

A built-up version of Google’s Gmail app, so users can get reminders and messages from Gmail even if they don’t have a Google account.38.

A better way to access your camera, a redesigned camera app, and better camera performance.39.

A simplified way to create and save videos in the Pixel, including better video quality.40.

A dedicated Google Assistant button in Settings that lets developers tap into the new assistant’s advanced features to make it more useful.41.

A smarter way to turn off Google Assistant in the settings app.42.

An improved camera experience that makes it easier for users to take selfies with the Pixel’s camera.43.

A simpler way to manage your phone’s contacts and other important data, with new settings for those who use Google Voice or Google Calendar.44.

A number of new features in the new Google app.45.

The most important thing to know about the Pixel is that you won’t find it in a single place.

It’s here in the apps and services that you use, with a more personalized interface.

That’s why Google will