The best speech of the first term of President Donald Trump



He will not tell you what is going to happen.

He is not going to tell you the future, and that is a wonderful thing, because you get a very real insight into the human condition, and you can’t get real insight unless you see things for yourself.

He does not.

He has been telling people this for years, and he will tell you it.

It is one of the most remarkable things about this president.

He did not want you to see it.

He wanted you to believe it.

And it is incredible.

The world and the world wondered, how could this guy do it?

How could a guy who was going to be President of the United States actually tell people the truth?

How can you tell someone who has been told lies about everything he said?

I can tell you that there was a certain kind of desperation in the world.

There was a kind of fear that the world is not what it used to be, that the American dream is not real, that all the world, including the United Nations, has turned against us.

I can speak for my friends, my wife, my family and the American people when I say, I know the future is going in a different direction, and I know there is a different way.

The future is not a simple thing.

There are no simple things, but there are things that are simple, and they are beautiful.

You see it in the way he does things, in the beautiful way he speaks about things.

There is something wonderful about a man who has never given a single speech.

He said, “I’m not going out to talk to people,” because he is not gonna do it.

But the world and he sees the world with a very human eyes.

There has never been a man in this nation, in this history, in human history, who has lived and led this nation with such great courage, and with such tremendous power.

There have never been men in this country who have led it like he has.

I want to give you the last word of the speech I gave at my inauguration.

It was the last speech that I gave before I left office.

And I will tell people that I am going to speak at the memorial service for the victims of 9/11, and there are a lot of people that have come up to me to say that.

The words that I will use are the words of the president himself.

I will say these words in my inaugural address: A NEW DAY IN AMERICA, a new beginning, and a new start, and the beginning of a new and better future for our country.

I do not have time for recitation, because I have the greatest job of all, and if I have time to recite, I am reciting it.

The day we start again is the day we begin again.


A GREAT FEDERAL COURT that upholds the Constitution is the beginning.

A PRESIDENT that stands up for the American Dream is the first man in the history of our country to do so.

And, above all, I will do what is right.

And that is what I will never tell you, I promise you that.

There will never be a time when the American public will not know who the president is.

We are in a time of crisis.

We must protect the American People, and we must stand up for our values.

We can do it, we can win, and all we have to do is show the world what America stands for.

I promise to do everything in my power to make sure that we have the best health care system in the nation, the best economic system, the finest infrastructure in the Nation, and most importantly, a great health care environment.

And we will do it by making our country great again.

In the words that he gave, America will be great again, for the people, for our Country, and for our future.

I am telling you this because the American citizens have seen it happen.

They are not going away, they are going to stay.

They want to know what we are going through, and their hearts are breaking because they know how it feels.

And this is what we must do.

The United States has a deep history of success.

There were a lot, a lot that people said was wrong about us.

The truth is that we are not a democracy.

Our Constitution is a dictatorship, and what we have done to the American system is not only unconstitutional, but it has led to our downfall.

Our government has become corrupted.

Our country has become the greatest danger to the world in my opinion, in my lifetime.

It has become a place where people think they can escape and make money.

They don’t want to come home.

They have to go abroad, because