The Speech that Ended the Iron Curtain

Biden’s speech at the UN on Monday was the last major speech he will give before leaving office, but there are plenty of other speeches to be had.

The speech, which was recorded by his son, also ended a five-year hiatus from public service.

The president has been a private citizen since being elected in 2008 and has been largely absent from the media since the 2016 presidential election.

But Biden did appear on ABC News, where he delivered a few short remarks on the state of the world and global affairs.

“There is so much going on around the world, from the crises in the Middle East to the instability of Africa to the threat of climate change,” Biden said.

He also touched on the “deepening divisions in our society” and the “perils of the political elite”, but did not address Trump.

Read more: Trump’s inauguration is over, but the US still has time to turn the page on the Trump era – The Conversation article In an interview with Fox News, Biden said that while he did not want to “lose sight of the important work that needs to be done to restore trust in government” he “had to make a choice to step away from that”.

“We all have to make choices,” he said.

“We can’t just say, ‘We’re not going to do it anymore, we’re not gonna do it any longer’.

We have to decide how to proceed.”

Biden also gave a lengthy speech at a New York fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, during which he talked about his experience as a U.S. senator and his decision to not seek the presidency in 2016.

During his remarks, Biden called Trump a “man who is obsessed with power” and called for him to resign, and said that he had not been told to do so.

“He will not resign,” Biden told the crowd.

“The president will not be allowed to resign.

The American people deserve to know what happened.”

Biden then thanked the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee for their “fervent support” during the campaign.

“We need to continue to build on this historic moment, and this is a moment when I believe that the American people, and especially the new president, deserve to see a new face in the Oval Office, who has proven himself to be a leader,” Biden concluded.