Trump, Pence speak in Iran speech

The Republican vice presidential nominee and his running mate will speak in Tehran, the United Arab Emirates, Thursday.

Pence and his wife, Karen, are scheduled to speak on the eve of a major Iranian cultural event.

Iran has invited the vice president and vice president’s wife to address a state banquet for the nation’s highest civilian honor, the koranic, the Islamic Republic’s highest honor.

Pence will speak at the National Assembly, the Iranian equivalent of a state legislature, according to a news release from the White House.

The speech is to be given by Amir Ebadi, Iran’s former ambassador to the United States, the release said.

The former ambassador, whom Pence is expected to replace, was sentenced to five years in prison last year for human rights violations.

Ebadi was arrested last March after he tried to hold a public rally in support of the Iranian government.

The U.S. is the largest foreign backer of the Islamic republic, providing hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid, food and energy assistance, and political and diplomatic support.

Trump, Pence’s running mate, is slated to attend the event.

Pence’s speech is the second to address the Iran-U.S.-led military coalition that has been conducting military operations against Iran since it invaded Iraq in 1980.

A U.N. special rapporteur on human rights has also been looking into allegations of human rights abuses by Iran’s government.

Iran’s state-run media has repeatedly criticized the U.K. for its criticism of the Iran talks and called for its expulsion from the European Union.

The Iran-Iraq War is the longest war in U. S. history, with more than 10,000 American troops killed, according the U,S.


The United States has more than 1,000 troops in Iraq, and the U-2 spy plane has been stationed at a base in southern Iraq since 2009.