Trump’s farewell speech: What it’s about and what it won’t contain

The Donald is retiring from the White House.

The day after.

And for the first time since he announced his campaign in June, the real estate mogul will be out of the White Houses sight.

In a farewell speech delivered to his supporters at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Washington, DC, Trump laid out a plan to change the direction of the country and the world, while making a strong case for himself as a leader.

The plan, which includes making changes to trade, immigration and infrastructure, is expected to be a centerpiece of his second term.

Trump also promised to bring back jobs and a crackdown on illegal immigration.

But his most ambitious plan, dubbed the “Make America Great Again” plan, will be a departure from his campaign promises.

Here’s everything we know about his plan, and what to expect from it in the coming weeks.

What we know: Trump has outlined three major areas of focus for the next four years.

First, the economy.

He promised that in his first term, he would “make America great again” by getting rid of all the regulations and taxes.

He also said he would build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, increase the number of American troops deployed in South Korea and Mexico, and invest $1 trillion in infrastructure.

Second, he said he’d work to secure the border and “bring our country together again.”

He also pledged to bring millions of illegal immigrants to the United States.

Third, Trump promised to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

Trump made his announcement Friday afternoon, one day after he formally announced his candidacy for president.

He also told his supporters he would be releasing a detailed blueprint for his second-term agenda in the next week.

The blueprint will include proposals to tackle health care, infrastructure, tax reform and more.

How to watch: Trump’s speech will be available online for one hour from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

ET on Sunday, July 13, with coverage beginning at 10 a.m ET.

It will also be available for the rest of the day.

Here’s how to watch the speech: Trump will address a group of business leaders and politicians.

He will also make a speech to the nation from the Rose Garden.

Trump will address the Republican Party convention.

At the end of his speech, Trump will walk into a joint news conference with his son, Eric, and take questions from the cameras.

He’ll be the first president to do so since Richard Nixon in 1968.