What to watch for in the first presidential debate with Donald Trump

The first presidential campaign debate on Monday will be a test of whether Donald Trump can manage a complex format, and it is going to be an important one.

The format, which was devised in part to help the candidates better communicate and better prepare for a live event, is expected to be much more intense than previous debates because of Trump’s history of speaking in an aggressive manner.

But it also is likely to be different from other presidential debates.

For example, the candidates will be able to speak to one another during the debate, but they will not be allowed to ask questions of one another, nor will they be allowed their own questions answered.

Trump has already used the format against other candidates, with his comments that he would “punish” anyone who took him seriously during his failed bid for the presidency.

But unlike past debates, Trump has not previously been asked to respond to any of his rivals’ questions, unlike the other Republican candidates.

In this first presidential primary debate, Trump and Hillary Clinton will face off on the topic of the economy and the war in Afghanistan, as well as a range of other topics.

In a debate format that has been criticized as overly harsh and repetitive, Trump is expected on Monday to have his most detailed response to any questions that the other candidates may pose during the course of the debate.

But the format is likely not to be the most interesting aspect of the first debate.

Instead, it will be about the substance of the campaign, particularly Trump’s ability to handle and understand the questions that are being asked.

The candidates will have several opportunities to address each other during the first campaign debate.

But the focus of the night will be on what Trump can do best in a format that allows him to take questions, and not to let his opponent take the stage.

For that reason, Trump’s opponents will likely have a lot to discuss, including the topic that will most interest them: whether he is the most qualified person to be president.

The first debate will also be an opportunity for Trump to demonstrate that he is ready to take on the challenges that are facing him.

The candidates will get a chance to talk about his policies and the problems they face, and they will have an opportunity to try to attack each other over the same issues.

Trump’s ability as a candidate to handle a debate will be closely watched.

He has been the subject of an ongoing series of negative attacks and criticism by Democrats and Republicans alike over the past few weeks.

His response has been to use a series of colorful and sometimes offensive insults aimed at his opponents.

But he has also used those attacks to attack Clinton, and his surrogates have attacked both Trump and Clinton.

The first debate is expected, at least in part, to be a way for Trump and his supporters to try and prove that he can be a candidate that can compete with Clinton and other Democrats in a debate.