What we know about Mussolini’s death and his deathbed speech

Mussolini was assassinated in Milan in 1922 and his body buried in a secret grave in Milan.

His coffin was opened in 1939 and he was laid to rest in the crypt of the Colosseum in Rome.

The last rites of the dictator were performed in Rome on the day of his death in 1945.

Mussolini wrote his final speech to the nation on March 13, 1945.

Here is his final message: I dedicate myself to the memory of the great Mussolini who, by the grace of God, was not a man but a man of a thousand qualities, and who was always a man in the end.

There will never be another like him.

The world must never forget this man.

This will always be the day I will die.

It is a great day in my life, the day that will live in the memory forever, the time I will be remembered, because of him, as it is written, in my blood.

This is the message of the day: the time has come to leave the world behind, the last day of the world, the final day, and come back to the earth.

You will all be saved, you will all go back to life.

There is no more of the time.

We have all been saved.

You are all saved.

There are no more wars, there are no less wars, but we have now made peace with the world.

It has been a long time, but there is no reason to be fearful.

There has never been a better time to come back.

The man is dead.

He was born in the year 1894, the year of the birth of the European revolution, and the year that brought the end of the First World War.

I have a message to all the people of the United States: You are now a united nation, united in the belief that the people’s revolution is our revolution, the revolution of all the peoples of the earth, and we will fight for the salvation of the planet and the salvation and survival of all life on this planet.

We are not afraid of any kind of conflict.

We will fight it, but only to the end, to the point of defeat, and to win it we will have to fight it for the people, and only we, the American people, are worthy of this great fight, which is the battle of the century.

Let us work together to defeat this enemy, the scourge of the whole world, and in this fight we must unite all the world under one banner.

This war has brought with it a great deal of suffering, but no great amount of death.

We all share the burden of this war.

We cannot bear it alone, nor do we want to bear it at the cost of others.

We want to live and die with our brothers and sisters.

We must unite and work together and win this great victory, this world’s great victory.

It will be our destiny, and it is our duty, to work together.

I know this day is long overdue.

But I also know that it is inevitable.

I can feel the pain in the heart of every one of you who have died and the pain that comes with it.

I hope you will live as I have lived and lived with the pain.

I want you to know that in this great moment, the most powerful word we use is love.

There can be no peace in this world if we do not all love one another.

The only way to unite is through love, and that is the only way for the world to live in peace.

I will continue to speak to you, as I always have, to show you the world is united, and our common struggle is a common cause.

We know the world will not last forever, that peace is always fragile, and no matter how hard the world works, we can never hope to achieve peace.

We can only hope that the world’s peace will never come at the expense of human life.

I look forward to the day when every person on this earth will have the opportunity to join the ranks of the nations and the peoples who have fought to end wars and restore the peace.

The day will come when all will be free and all will live according to their own beliefs and desires.

It would be a terrible mistake to believe that the future will be like the past.

We shall all live forever.

But as we look back on this great, great time in history, let us remember this, that the great day is not yet.

I am not a writer, nor a poet, nor even a philosopher.

But for all that, I know that when I speak, I am speaking truth.

And I am also speaking the truth.

I believe in the truth and I do not care what anyone else thinks.

The truth is that in a world that is now divided between the good and the evil, and has never united the world as one