When Donald Trump delivers a commercial speech, you’ll have to turn on his speech app

The Trump campaign is starting to get into the commercial speech game, introducing an ad that plays in real time on the iPhone and Android, according to Axios.

The commercial, titled “President Trump’s Speech Today,” features an unidentified male voiceover that says, “President Donald Trump’s speech tonight.”

A narrator says, “‘Today, President Trump delivers his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly.

The United States stands with Israel, North Korea, and our allies against nuclear proliferation.'”

The narrator says the speech is a “political victory speech” and that Trump “will be speaking at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and will be speaking about the need to continue to stand up for freedom and justice in our world.”

Trump has been using his speech apps to promote his speech at the UN, calling the UN “the worst body in the world” and promising to have a speech in the building when he arrives there on Thursday.