Why Are We So Angry About Margaret Thatcher?

“What is Margaret Thatcher?

She was a British politician who ran for office on the Labour Party’s promise to abolish the death penalty.

I know because I was one of the Labour party’s most loyal supporters during that election.””

The death penalty was abolished in 1975 and Margaret Thatcher was elected prime minister of Great Britain in 1979.

She became the first female Prime Minister in modern history.””

Margaret Thatcher, a politician, was the first woman Prime Minister.

She was an ardent feminist and her policies were extremely progressive.””

She campaigned on the platform of abolishing the death sentence and, after the death of a young man named Jimmy Savile, the former BBC Radio 4 DJ was jailed for life.

She had to take the extreme step of having her own funeral.

She went on to be one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest friends.””

I don’t believe in the death-penalty, but I do believe in compassion.””

There are many reasons why I believe Margaret Thatcher is a great prime minister.

But what I find most inspiring is her commitment to social justice.

She worked tirelessly to tackle inequality and inequality is one of her greatest strengths.””

In 1981 she was given the title of ‘Lady Thatcher’ by Margaret Thatcher for her work to end poverty and promote equality for all people.””

Her leadership of the Conservative party is legendary.

She championed women’s rights and the repeal of the [Child Labour] Act.””

But the most important legacy she left us was her vision of the future, which is what we can all aspire to today.””

We all live in a society that is so divided by race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation and gender that the only way to build a better world is to unite.””

If we want to build that better world, we must fight for equality and compassion.”