Why Kanye West is being sued for his speech bubble

The Wests’ new movie “The Life of Pablo” is about a young Kanye West trying to make it in the music industry.

It features a young West at a studio, having a conversation with a young Jay-Z and a group of young actors about the dangers of the industry.

The film, “The Truth,” is due out on September 26.

Here is what we know about the film, and how it might affect the lawsuit.

What does it mean for the lawsuit?

The lawsuit is about the production of the film.

The suit is not about the sound design or any other aspect of the movie.

The filmmakers, the producers and the studio have all agreed to a settlement.

The producers have agreed to pay West $7.5 million for his work in the movie, plus $3 million for a performance bonus and an unspecified amount of royalties.

The West lawyers have asked the judge to give them the right to make the film available for sale.

What is the lawsuit about?

The Wests were filming “The Art of Kanye West” in Los Angeles in 2014.

They shot at the Los Angeles Studios for four weeks.

A lawsuit filed in April alleges that West did not receive his $7 million payment for his performance and that the studio did not compensate him for the film’s sound design.

The lawsuit alleges that the Wests “acted in concert and in person” to “deliberately” omit and mislead West’s producers about the way the film was going to be produced.

The complaint also alleges that there was a lack of due diligence by West’s management team and that they did not prepare West for the movie before filming began.

Wests lawyers have argued that the filmmakers and producers were not entitled to the $7 billion in damages because they were compensated “for their entire services and not for any work performed by the West’s assistants.”

The lawsuit also says that West’s work was “delivered as a performance of his music and was not created in a fashion that was consistent with the intention of his collaborators or the artist.”

Does this mean the West lawyers will be able to get money back?

Yes, the filmmakers have agreed not to recover any of the money they paid West.

West has said he was paid more than $30 million for the use of his song “Gold Digger” in “The Black Album” and he has said that his “Blank Space” video is being used in other films and other productions.

In March, he and his management team reached an agreement to settle a class action lawsuit.

The filmmakers and Wests have agreed in principle to settle the lawsuit for $1.1 million.

What happens next?

The settlement was reached before a Los Angeles Superior Court judge was able to rule on a request for an injunction against the film by a group that includes several artists and musicians.

In a motion filed in the Los Feliz court, the artists and other plaintiffs alleged that the film had harmed their work.

The judge granted the motion on March 6.

Will there be any damages?

There is no money in the settlement, and it’s unclear how much money West will receive from the settlement.

He is allowed to keep his $9 million annual salary.

However, he will not be able keep his membership in the West Hollywood Playhouse.

West has previously been embroiled in a similar lawsuit with another producer, Mark Burnett.

That case is currently being litigated in federal court in Los Gatos, California.