‘You’ll be happy to hear’ that Melania Trump’s husband, Donald Trump, is a ‘nice guy’ – the day’s headlines

“You’ll hear it from all sorts of people, you’ll hear people saying, ‘What about him?’

‘He’s a nice guy.'”

That was the message from Melania Trump and her husband, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The first lady delivered her address in the Senate chamber to a chamber packed with Democratic senators in Washington on Thursday night.

The former reality TV star, who was married to Mr Trump for 21 years, had previously spoken about her husband’s mental health issues and how he was treated when he entered the presidential race.

“The first time I saw him, I was crying and I said, ‘You know what?

He is not in the mood for this,'” she said.”

He was so tired.

He was exhausted and he had such a big heart.

But he said, look, I’m going to make America great again.”

She then described Mr Trump’s physical ailments and the way he struggled with his depression, which she described as a “mental health issue”.

“You’ll see him on the street, you will see him in a wheelchair, you are going to see him with his arms up and his legs up and you are gonna see him crying.

And you’re going to say, ‘This is not what we want to see,'” she continued.”

The former model is not the only woman to speak about the president’s health.”

But now, I’ve seen the world and I know that it’s not.”

The former model is not the only woman to speak about the president’s health.

The Democratic senators’ wives are joining the first lady in a growing chorus of women, celebrities and others who are speaking out against the Republican president.

The New York Times and CNN both have reports of prominent Republicans, including the US senator John McCain, who is the country’s highest-ranking military officer, speaking out.

Mr Trump has since told The New York Post that the president was “not mentally fit” and that Mr McCain “made a big mistake” by supporting him in the election.

But, in a statement released on Thursday evening, Mr Trump denied any health issues, saying the claims were “100 per cent false”.

The first family’s remarks come after the White House released a statement saying it was “disappointed” in Senator McCain’s decision to support Mr Trump.

“As you know, Mr McCain did not endorse any candidate in this election and will continue to do so,” the statement said.

Mr McCain’s office also released a video of him saying he was not backing down from his endorsement.

“Senator McCain believes in strong leadership, but we also believe in a President who will always be prepared to listen to those who disagree with him, and not try to dictate the terms of our debate,” the video said.ABC/wiresTopics:world-politics,world-government,united-states,united_states-democrat-party,political-parties,united__states,world_politics,government-and-politics-administration,united…